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An MSCChain-based streaming media copyright trading platform

Announcement: MSC 12 issue of biweekly

To MSC users:
Project progress:
1.ComboTV enters test stage of BETA V0.3 version
2.ComboTV has 22 categories of quiz items, 1000+ quizzes
3.ComboTV mission system test is completed, coming soon
4.ComboTV adds features such as record sharing, invitation sharing, asset review, replacement of avatars and nicknames
5.ComboTV is testing function of on-demand and live video stream access
Community activities:
1.ComboTV continues to carry out "novice rewards" activities
ComboTV Data:
Registered users: 11335
Total investment: 3.26 million
Average income:45370%
Cumulative total minerals:32065
Cumulative novice rewards:756609
Combotv website
MSC Team 2018-12-14


About MSC

Modern Sports Chain an encrypted token issued by MSC Foundation. It is used for copyright trading, streaming media playing, advertising, etc. Total issuance of MSC tokens will be limited at 8 billion, and there will be no additional issuance

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MSC Foundation is currently the world's largest modern sports competition platform, it issues MSC tokens. Based on its P2P-based public blockchain MSCChain, the foundation has developed the MSC global new media copyright trading platform, the advertising platform and the MSC streaming media playing platform, realizing a point-to-point trading and dissemination of streaming media and benefiting content providers, advertisers, disseminators and individual viewers.

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